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Around the world, 80 percent of the population lives within 200 miles of a coastline. For many of our clients, this proximity to water provides the opportunity for an enjoyable pastime: boating. But proper coverage for yachts and personal watercrafts is critically important in case of an accident that causes injuries or damage. Bullen provides solutions for all types of vessels and tailors coverage based on worldwide travel or predefined navigational limits. With access to some of the most specialized and comprehensive programs available, Bullen ensures that all vessels, crew, and personal property are protected by the most appropriate and cost-effective coverage solutions available.


  • Coverage for tenders, fine art, and additional personal property
  • Newly acquired vessels
  • Protection and indemnity
  • Crew coverage
  • Customized navigational limits
  • Hurricane deductible and lay up options
  • Charter coverage
  • Replacement vessel
  • Survey services
  • Bumbershoot coverage
  • Access to specialized markets